2 Brothers Brewery

Where: 4 Joyner St, Moorabbin
Hours: Thurs 4pm-late, Fri 12pm-12am
Phone: 9553 1177
Web: www.2brothers.com.au
Follow: Facebook

Please note that this business is not located in Moorabbin Junction but a short distance away in the Moorabbin Industrial Area.

In the middle of Moorabbin’s industrial hub, the 2 Brothers Brewery on Joyner St beckons to the factory workers and mechanics who work in the area with the promise of thirst-quenching craft brews, great food and a unique venue to unwind.

Since the brewery opened in 2007 the two brothers of 2 Brothers Brewery, Dave and Andrew Ong, has been opening the beer hall to the public every Thursday and Friday. Patrons flock in to sample their eclectic selection of brews, ranging from the fresh and thirst-quenching Taxi Belgian Lager and Gypsy Pear Cider, to the moreish dark Growler.

“All our beers are made on premise and we use the best ingredients we can. We supply to pubs all over Melbourne, but the brewery customers can taste some of our beers directly from the tanks, “the younger brother, Dave Ong, explains.

“We also run free brewery tours on Thursdays at 6pm so our customers can have a behind-the-scenes peek into what happens before their beers get into the taps.”

Dave and Andrew lived in New York and Seattle respectively, where Dave worked as a physiotherapist and Andrew as an aeronautical engineer, before they pursued their brewing dreams full time. When they returned to Australia, they brought along brewing equipment all the way from New York’s Times Square Brewery. Eagle-eyed brewery visitors may notice that even now in their new home in Moorabbin, each of the brewing tanks are named after the New York districts of Soho, Hell’s Kitchen, Bronx, Brooklyn and Harlem.

Experimentation is at the heart of the the 2 Brothers business, where small batches of seasonal beers are run each season. During the summer months of 2014, the Ong brothers made a limited batch of the Mordi Lager, a draft beer made especially for the Mordialloc Festival.

“We love doing limited runs of beers to try and push the limit each time, seeing how new combinations of ingredients work, and to see how our customers respond to new flavours,”says Andrew Ong. “That said some of our most popular beers, like the Taxi Lager, are so popular because they taste similar to something like Carlton Draught, so it’s a good introduction to some of our more adventurous beers.”

Over winter, beer fans can look forward to sipping some some delicious seasonal brews (the Ongs say they are meant to be s because they’ve got a bit of punch to them). The funky sounding James Brown, is a strong but smooth Belgian Brown Ale with hints of banana, caramel, chocolate, while the Bloody Oak (a kicker at 10% ABV) is an award-winning brew you’ll really want savour.

Stick around and try a range of pizzas on the menu to soak up the tasty brews, and the beer hall is abuzz with energy on evenings as the live music entertainment kicks off.

Free brewery tours conducted on Thursdays at 6pm. 


Words by Delima Shanti

Photos by  Jesse Thompson