A Place to Rest, A Place to Celebrate

Focusing on the history of the site, Moorabbin translates to a “resting place” for “Boon Wurrung” women and children. It was a place associated with different activities, rich in food like frogs, rats, snakes and wild birds like fowl, duck and parrots.

To celebrate the site, the vision is to:

  • Open up the site with vegetation to cut off the site from surrounding grey concrete.
  • Connect Station Street, Moorabbin Railway Station, Commercial shops, Taylor Street and Supermarket with a common connector cutting through which starts from Nepean Highway and ends at the supermarket.
  • Limestone paving to connect to the sand dune landscape of the past stories.
  • Central art space within the shops to celebrate the Boonwurrung culture.
  • A pedestrian bridge in the form of a shell to relate with the sea in the west.
  • Parking space of supermarket turned in inland forest where people can rest, play and celebrate.
  • Planning design evolved through the Pre-European vegetation.

By: Pratiksha Patil, student