About Street 14


Street 14 is an Ideas Competition.

An urban street is public, lively and engaging, open 24 hours and four-dimensional. A great street is where the edges of the public and private domains overlap to make dynamic, democratic and regenerative spaces. A retail main street is the heart and soul of the local neighbourhood, and reflects the character and culture of its people.

This competition is being held to identify a range of design solutions and options for the streetscape and its immediate context, and to encourage thinking about the site in different and imaginative ways.

This may influence or ultimately lead to the establishment of a range of projects with associated briefs that are beyond the scope of the competition.

The objective of this Ideas Competition is to enable thinking and design that is holistic and more ambitious than what the market, or typical procurement and delivery processes, ‘traditionally’ support.

Competitors are being asked to address primarily the public realm, but also consider the influences of adjacent freehold land, and particularly to consider opportunities where integration between the two can achieve mutually supportive outcomes.

It is based on the principles of the Moorabbin Activity Centre Structure Plan which is to provide a north-south public street connecting South Road to Central Avenue and considers higher density to be appropriate, on the basis of the amassed social, environmental, economic and cultural benefits of urban density – where public open space criteria and well-designed landscapes prevail.

The successful entries are not intended to be put directly into effect. The successful competitor may not be appointed as the preferred candidate to carry out any future design work. The promoters (AILA and City of Kingston) may use some or all of the ideas generated by the competition.

In 2011 AILA ran an inaugural Street 11 competition with the Shire of Yarra Ranges for Main Street Lilydale that continues to stimulate discussion and opportunities in that community.

Street 14 aims to continue to promote the key role of landscape architects as city-makers, lateral and progressive design thinkers and an integrative discipline.