AMF Bowl Moorabbin

Sitting on the Nepean Highway, 100 metres from Moorabbin train station, is the local bowling alley. A large blue-grey building with neon AMF signage on the outside, this heritage listed alley is where families from all over the bayside area come for a few fun games of ten-pin-bowling.

The alley was built in late 1962 when bowling as a sport was at the height of its popularity. Since then, it has been taken over by the AMF brand and has served as the perfect place for kids birthdays and group functions – including team building events for companies or product launches. There is a fully licensed bar onsite as well as a café serving great-value food to hungry bowlers. When the kids’ attention spans wane from the bowling, they can move over to the arcade and amusement machines.

The alley boasts 28 lanes and can adapt these to bumper bowling, supply ramps and lightweight bowling balls. There is also glow in the dark bowling if you like a nighttime game.

The alley is managed by Phil Ryle, a league bowler himself, who has been working with AMF for many years. There’s also a Proshop for those players who take the game a little more seriously.

If you’re after a day of carefree nostalgic fun with friends and family, AMF Moorabbin is the perfect place to go. You’ll have a great time – even if you end up in the gutter.


Words by: Rachel Short

Photos by: Brook James