Arts Link

The area outside the station is a beautiful place to sit while you wait for your train or bus, or to meet with friends before visiting Kingston Arts Centre for a show.

In 2013, a facelift around the western side of the station has turned a once dull, uninspired area into now a small slice of serenity in the suburbs with a new timber deck, a wider pavement, new pathways around a significant old tree (lit up at night by an artistic light box) and better bicycle facilities near the station. There is also a well-lit pathway along the railway to South Road with more than 2,000 new plants lining the path.

As part of the upgrade, the bus stop outside the City Hall was moved to directly in front of the railway station to better integrate it with connecting trains.

This project will be complemented by the future installation of CCTV cameras by Kingston Council and the State Government.

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