Assembling Moorabbin

The focus of the “Assembling Moorabbin” design is to create an open community precinct, which will also be an accessible area between the main streets of Station Street, and the new extended Jasper Street. It’s an area which will be the new heart of the Moorabbin Junction that will help connect all areas of the surrounding Moorabbin precinct. Everything is placed in a way which connects; in which the design begins to follow the facades of the surrounding buildings which creates a connection between every corner of the junction.

One of the key elements Ayesha Paigan wanted to focus on is to create a pedestrian friendly area which can be accessed 24/7. With this design, Ayesha wanted to create a link between the disconnected buildings, in which at the same time, directs people to walk certain ways. With high volumes of pedestrians coming in from Moorabbin Station on Station Street, Ayesha wanted to create a space that connects the street to the east side of the junction. With the inclusion of an open plaza and its ability to bring in high volumes of pedestrians, it activates the surrounding retail areas and brings in customers.

By: Ayesha Paigan, student