Corner Lamp Books

Where: 36 Station Street, Moorabbin
Hours: Mon-Sat: 10.30am-4pm
Phone: 8685 8130

Charlie Rooke has many titles; composer, author, teacher – but most importantly for the readers of Moorabbin – he is the founder of Corner Lamp Books. Located on the quiet Station Street strip, Corner Lamp Books is nestled among longstanding local businesses such as Mac’s surf shop and Dawsons Watchmakers. On entry to the bookshop, snug to its edges with one-off books about almost every subject imaginable, you can hear the faint melodies of classical music radio. Corner Lamp is a traditional bookshop, with signs prohibiting the use of mobile phones; all customers respectful of the low-level of noise inside and a beautiful display in the window showcasing just a handful of the books this shop has to offer.

Rooke estimates that there are between sixteen and twenty thousand titles adorning the shelves he hand built when he started the business seven years ago. It is through much interstate book-fair sifting that Rooke has been able to bring Moorabbin these gorgeous pre-loved volumes. Despite the incredible amount of books in stock, Corner Lamp specialises in three areas – history, vintage children’s picture books (think Enid Blyton) and old crime. Of course, every other genre is covered. Towards the front of the store is a poetry section full of first editions and rare titles that you would be lucky to find anywhere else. A cabinet, securely locked, holds precious titles that are so rare – one even dates back to the 1700s.

Due to its close proximity to Moorabbin train station and bus stops, Corner Lamp is the perfect place to kill those twenty minutes you may have to wait for the next ride. Even if you only have ten minutes, stop by and have a quick flick through.

Words by Rachel Short
Photos by  Brook James