Bringing Life Back to Moorabbin

The motivation behind this design is the facilitation of a modern, active lifestyle, and one which seeks to assimilate nature’s processes into the design. Moorabbin has all the right ingredients to create a buzzing, active community; a strong population, projected growth, a rich blend of cultural backgrounds and a history carved through agriculture and the taming of a sand belt. What it lacks is a heart… a meeting place, unique to Moorabbin. One which celebrates the virtues and history of the region and facilitates social connectivity and while doing so, also maintains a focus on a greener future.

On market day, (or night) you step out of the train station and are welcomed with a buffet of produce, locally produced. You grab an apple and take a walk down by the stream. The sound of a band is growing louder and starting to drown out the market busker. Kids are running around on the grass. There’s a little water left in the ephemeral stream but it’ll probably be dry soon. As the years go by it transforms. The creek has become a barometer for you when considering the climate. You’ve passed the market and latched on to the aroma of kitchen cooking. The game’s on so you grab a table and watch. You call some friends and tell them to come out. There are people all around. The sun has gone down. Its energy, collected throughout the day is now re-emerging as a beautiful light display. You can see the fish swimming and hear the water trickling as it is filtered through the ponds. It’s beautiful, it’s alive and it’s what Moorabbin needs.

By: David McGuinness, student