Climate Calm

Nowadays, extreme weather days happen more frequently due to the climate change. It is predicted that more heat waves will occur and become a big threat in promoting the retailing industry in Moorabbin Junction. As a result, the big idea that is generated from this place is to control the microclimate of this public place in order to provide a better environment for consumers and residents. More specifically, this proposal seeks to use an organic curve to connect the surrounding areas and functional areas.

The design looks to take the advantage of wind, sun and materiality in the design. Firstly, according to weather reports, unpleasant winds in summer and winter are all from the north and the southwesterly winds in summer are cooling, so topography are designed to let the cooling prevailing wind go through the site and block the unpleasant northerly winds. Secondly, shade areas and cooling spaces arecreated in the open space in hot days and in winter, the roof of these cooling spaces becomes a good place for sun bathing. Thirdly, in the middle and southern part, a large open playground are generated, it is for people of different ages, especially for young people and families. The uses can be changed according to different seasons. For example, it will become the water activity park in summer while in winter it may change to a place for sun bathing, sports or even kermis.

By: YuJia Chen, student