Untitled by Daniel Hannah

Moorabbin Junction is seen as a business orientated, dilapidated and somewhat bland site, however is the heart of Moorabbin. The site lacks diversity and aesthetic appeal which is crucial to attract customers, visitors and to increase the city’s image. Daniel Hannah’s proposition focuses on making this site target a wider range of people, adding aesthetic value and overall making it a nicer area people would want to visit. The idea is to make an innovative, unique site suitable for all age groups to provide shoppers a completely new experience, which could essentially reshape Moorabbin itself.

This concept revolves around big ideas without compromising the practicality of the site. The road network and parking has been redirected underneath and around the site, leaving the site undisturbed by traffic. The main feature of this design is the ‘urban forest’, which is located fairly central to the site, and rests approximately 2.5 meters below ground level. This creates a sequestered area in the middle of the site with plenty of shade and seating as people can easily access and rest on the steps or the large body of grass surrounding the trees.

The next main aspect of the design is the ‘multi-dimensional’ plaza. This allows pedestrians to easily access up to 4 different surfaces by extending the plaza onto the rooftops to not only conserve space, but also add completely different values, and atmosphere to Moorabbin junction. Pedestrians are able to access the roof of a two story building and stare down in awe at the canopy leveled below their feet. Buildings have deliberately been located around the outside of the site, leaving a large area in the middle. This is to block out the surrounding suburbia and make the site more tranquil as pedestrians are unable to see the busy roads around Moorabbin junction. The site consists of artistic fluent and circular based design, inspired by aboriginal artwork and colours. This is created by combining different elements and ground conditions such as integrating red dirt, native garden beds and turf grass into the plaza.

By: Daniel Hannah, student