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Formal Questions

If you have a formal question regarding the competition brief or details, you are encouraged to look up the FAQs below and check whether your question has been asked and answered there. If the question is not in the FAQ please email vic@aila.org.au directly. The FAQ will be updated throughout the competition as questions arise, so please check back in regularly. Any formal questions posted on the social media forums may not be answered by the Competition Conveners.


Q1: How can I submit a question regarding the competition?

A1: Inquiries that are primarily administrative in nature and not included in this FAQ may be directed to vic@aila.org.au.

Q2: What is the Site Area boundary?

A2: The Site Area for Street 14 is centered on Taylor Street within Moorabbin Junction between South Road and Central Avenue.  The area includes a section of Central Avenue and also the private landholdings to the west and east of Taylor Street.

Q3: How are the private landholdings and streets apart from Taylor Street to be addressed in the design proposals?

A3: The Site Area includes a number of private retail / commercial / mixed use landholdings on the eastern, western and southern edges of Taylor Street. It also includes a number of streets / lanes including Central Avenue, Taylor Lane, Macs Lane and an unnamed laneway. The design proposals should align with the provisions of the draft  Schedule 3 to the Activity Centre Zone (ACZ3) and the key directions outlined in the Moorabbin Activity Centre Structure Plan. A design proposal may address the existing and future built interface and propose design elements that would enhance the street environment.

Q4: Could proposals include improvements to streets and areas other than Taylor Street?

A4: The focus of the competition entry should be primarily on the Site Area; however, entrants may propose interventions beyond those boundaries so long as the minimum requirements stipulated in the design brief are met. E.g. Proposals seeking to enhance connections between Taylor Street and the adjoining precincts.

Q5: Which areas can be completely redesigned? Can a proposal only redesign the existing street layout without proposing changes to building footprints / built envelope?

A5: The areas that can be completely redesigned are shown in ‘purple’ in The Brief. This includes private landholdings / buildings and road reserves. The areas shown in ‘grey’ are presumed to remain largely unchanged. The Woolworths supermarket building is to be retained, however extensions can be redesigned.

Proposals are required to suggest changes to retail footprints. Retail street is just as much about the street as it is the retail.

Q6: Can the retail footprint be designed?

A6: Yes, the 7,000 square metres of Gross Floor Area can be redesigned into various formats. This does not include the buildings that are to be retained. The airspace above the Site Area can be taken into consideration in design proposals.

Q7: Is the Jasper/South Road intersection design final?

A7: The Moorabbin Activity Centre Structure Plan proposes signalisation of the Jasper Road/South Road intersection providing a direct entry to the Woolworths site from South Road. Entrants may consider the internal vehicular and pedestrian circulation within the Site Area in their proposals.

Q8: Can overhead power lines be moved underground?

A8: Yes.

Q9: What are the environmental risks associated with the Study Area?

A9: There are currently no known environmental risks associated with the study area.

Q10: Is there any existing landscape which must be preserved?

A10: No.

Q11: May entrants propose their own height and massing regulations?

A11: No. Height and massing should comply with the proposed Schedule 3 to the Activity Centre Zone (ACZ3) provisions.

Q12: Are there any parking requirements or may entrants propose their own?

A12: The number of at-grade and basement car parking spaces currently provided in association with existing land uses should not be reduced. Additional at-grade parking must be provided at a ratio of 4.5 / 100 square metres of retail floorspace. Refer to The Brief for further details.

Q13: Is there a limit to how much the site topography may be modified?

A13: No.

Q14: Is there access to recent planning applications within the centre?

A14: Any request for information beyond what is provided in the information pack should be directed to vic@aila.org.au.

Q15: Can anyone submit proposals for the design competition, or do you have to be an Australian resident or registered landscape architect or designer? Is this competition open for international designers too?

A15: This competition is open to all designers – Australian and international. The design competition has a number of categories. The AILA Prize category is open to teams led by any member of AILA or international equivalent recognised by AILA. The Student Prize is open to any student, be it in the discipline of Architecture, Planning, Landscape Architecture, Industrial Design, Horticulture, etc. The Moorabbin Prize and the Best Urban Tactic Prize categories are open to all. For further details, see Eligibility & Prizes.

Q16: What prize categories will my proposal be assessed under?

A16: The entries in the AILA Prize and Student Prize categories are also eligible to enter the Best Urban Tactic Prize category. Final decision on the appropriate categories will be at the discretion of the Competition Convener.

Q17: Is there a registration fee to enter the competition?

A17: There is a registration fee to enter the AILA Prize category. See Eligibility & Prizes for further details.

Q18: Can proposals be submitted by a team or just individuals?

A18: In the ‘Team / Company / Student Name’ field, entrants should provide the name of their company or organisation if they are registering on behalf of a larger group. Entrants participating independently, or as a self-organised team, may simply provide a ‘team name’ specific to the AILA design competition.

Q19: Who will constitute the Judging Panel?

A19: The Judging Panel will include representatives from local and regional industry, professional, stakeholder and academic representatives that have been selected for their experience and impartiality. For further details, see Judging and Exhibition.

Q20: Should the two A1 panels be oriented ‘portrait’ or ‘landscape’?

A20: Submissions may be oriented either portrait or landscape. Note that submissions are to be made in digital format only.

Q21: Will the two A1 panels be presented side by side as one larger single panel of A0 size?

A21: Panel 1 and Panel 2 of the submissions may or may not be presented side by side during the various stages of judging. As such, each panel should stand independently; however, entrants may wish to coordinate the two panels so that they will present well during stages of judging in which the two panels are shown side by side. Note that submissions are to be made in digital format only.

Q22: Can a proposal be just in video format? If yes, what should be the maximum duration of the video? Is there a size limit?

A22: Yes. The duration of the video should not exceed 5 minutes and 50 megabytes in size. For further details, see Submit.

Q23: What ALignment does Taylor Street need to follow?

Taylor Street can be reconfigured to follow any alignment as long as it connects with Jasper Road at South Road. The new retail street (or streets, laneways, overpasses, underpasses, whatever you like) can be designed in any alignment that addresses the future changes of a public street.