Street 14 Winner – “Easy Street”

WINNER – First Prize – $20,000

Easy Street by Tyrrell Studio is a combination of physical and social strategies that leverage the community and retail maturation of Moorabbin Junction off Taylor Street. Within a considered site plan that addressed all functional requirements, the complex role of the Street as a flexible, changing place in which we all participate was at the forefront of the submission. Three strategic moves arrange the new city form in order to generate small scale spinoffs for Moorabbin Junction, and three tactical moves encourage the emergence of local engagement with the City of Kingston.

Easy Street thinks big and small at the same time, and created robust discussion about the tension between traditional capital-heavy improvement schemes and programmatic approaches based on social capital that will change the fabric of Moorabbin Junction from the ground-up. The jury was particularly impressed by the sleeved retail interface of the Woolworths site with Taylor Street that provides a logical demonstration of how commercial sustainability, grain and active edges are paramount to public life.