Future Growth

There are major changes taking place in today’s retail market. The shift to online shopping and access to international goods and prices is beginning to threaten traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ shopping and make it a thing of the past. However… the past is exactly where we can find the knowledge and inspiration for the future.

Successful retail shopping of the past took place in small, manageable, community sized districts where close proximity to goods and services, and the place of residence were fundamental for their operation. Smaller shops and human scale, pedestrian orientated laneways allowed an interaction between local residents, business owners, customers and local culture to occur.

Moorabbin Junction as it is today has lost its sense of community and culture. The site has no visual access and is heavily catered towards the vehicle. With the proposed changes towards higher density living, public transport alternatives and re-zoning of infrastructure, the Moorabbin Junction site must create a shift in order to re-establish its connection to the local community and allow for a process of change to take place upon the site.

The proposal put forward has two main objectives:

  1. To increase the connection between the site and the surrounding pre-existing and proposed developments and,
  2. To re-establish the sense of community and culture with the use of the Ginkgo Biloba tree.

Improving the connection with the surrounding suburbs and community is achieved by opening up the site with both physical and visual connections. Access from Stations St, Moorabbin Station, the proposed future Axis developments and Moorabbin Town Hall will become geared towards the pedestrian. Walking and cycling being the main focus, Station Street will become one way (North) with the possible station extension and new bus terminal allowing greater access for the pedestrian.

Punctured retail ‘streets’ through the eastern side of Station St will allow the physical connection to occur through pedestrian laneways with cafes, small/micro retail, entertainment and lifestyle based businesses will begin to bring back the culture of Moorabbin while also allowing porosity and sense of connection to the greater site. Visual cues of the open Moorabbin Square and Ginkgo Biloba trees will further strengthen the connection to the site and can begin to generate a sense of ownership within the community to a central place of exchange.

By: Simon Milsted, student