Grape & Grain

Where: 14-16 Station Street, Moorabbin
Hours: Mon-Thu 10am-8pm,
Fri-Sat 10am-10:30pm, Sun 12pm-8pm
Phone: 9553 1003
Follow: Facebook / Twitter / Foursquare

Grape and Grain was started just over a year ago, with owner John Tei taking over the bottle shop on Station street from ‘humble beginnings’, and turning it into a thriving modern hub for craft beers, and a retreat for the locals.

The space has a lived-in feel  with a backdrop of wine shelves, fridges and more bottle-shop décor before curling around to a comfortable lounge with stools and tables. The space is quite large, and inviting. The average punter can walk in and feel they are in any currently popular bar in the city where you can drink, and shop.

Tei described Grape and Grain as a place that is: “constantly evolving, we are a bottle shop, a wine shop, really anything the customer wants us to be”, he said with a laugh.

Tei says the secret to business’s loyal following and large customer base is social media posts and word of mouth. “We regularly have locals popping in surprised they have never seen us around before”, Tei comments.

When originally opening Grape & Grain, Tei focused more on the corporate side of the shop. They currently supply local haunt Fat Bob’s and many others, with their corporate sphere ranging from Moorabbin to the CBD.

When it comes to stock, Tei keeps it current, innovative and local. Stocking local brewery Two Brothers, and other breweries ranging from Doctors Orders, Founders, Sierra Nevada, Big Sky, Brooklyn, Mountain Goat, Modus Operandi and many others. The wine list is also extensive, ranging from local to overseas varieties, including Bass Phillip, Sorrenberg, Kaesler, VK Wines, Moss Wood and many others.

Tei spoke that the craft beer side of the business draws in the customers, with many people coming from far and wide to partake in the Grape & Grain selection.

With an extensive range of spirits and liquors, there is certainly something for everyone at Grape & Grain.

When discussing where he sees the business going, after starting out on a running streak, Tei spoke that it is ‘an evolving journey, you don’t know what could cause a buzz in the area in six months.’ The buzz for Grape & Grain is so extensive they are fighting off suppliers, breweries and customers.

Currently the only fully licensed venue in the Moorabbin area, they are reaching out with Tuesday trivia nights, that have been welcomed by a packed house. While partaking of some trivia and a nice glass of red, you can even order a bite from the local food businesses in the area, a sector that Tei plans to leave to the professionals.

Words by Xia Rain and Photos by Murphy Wood