Iyer Coffee Co.

Where: 4 Cochranes Road, Moorabbin

Hours: Open Mon-Fri 7am-3pm, weekends closed

Web: http://iyercoffee.co/

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The need for abundant space is what often drives small businesses to utilize warehouses in industrial areas, which is what brought unlikely bedfellows Cochrane’s Gym and Iyer Coffee Co. together under the one roof. In addition to providing enough space for gym-goers to workout and for owner Abi Iyer roast his beans, the pairing has also proved convenient for those in need of an extra kick before pumping weights or hitting the treadmill. Abi assured me that most pre-workout supplements are essentially just caffeine anyway.


Abi’s grandfather owned a coffee plantation in India back in the 1960’s, and even after Abi’s father immigrated to Australia to pursue more gainful opportunities, Abi always felt that coffee seemed to be the right business for him.


While serving lattes to sweaty weightlifters and chatting to coffee enthused customers is something Abi enjoys, his main focus is roasting and distributing coffee beans. Iyer Coffee Co. supplies a number of clients in the Melbourne area, including most notably Uncle Bart Café in Black Rock. Each client of Iyer is sold a special blend, tailored specifically to meet their needs.


However Abi has made a point of keeping his shop front in the Cochrane’s Gym open, as having regular customers to sample new blends and give feedback is invaluable. As I discovered Abi is always up for a chat over a coffee and takes great pleasure in sharing his wealth of knowledge on the subject.


Words and photos by Jesse Thompson