‘Lattice-Scape’ is an adaptive ‘plug-in/plug-out’ landscape for Moorabbin Junction that allows for a variety of programming and users to occupy the space over the course of the day and the year. A dynamic lattice form that has the ability to adjust in height, position and function it provides spatial order, shade, program and transforms seasonally in appearance.

In response to Moorabbin’s need for increased pedestrian safety and adaptability this surface provides visual cues for pedestrians to navigate space and material changes, alert drivers that they are now entering a shared zone.

The lattice grid shape is spawned throughout the whole site, transforming traditional notions of parking by being embedded within the ground surface, providing a guideline grid for cars, food trucks, rolling retail, retail containers and traffic calming devices. These grids may be used by all cars during peak times of the day when premium parking is required.

By: Mel Simpson, student