Less is More

In “Less is More”, there is a focus on creating a simple but most efficient plan for the site. The plan is low budget and easy to construct.

The concept is creating a central garden in the middle of the area. The garden contains water fountains and a large area of grass providing a central place for locals to meet and relax.

Part of Taylor Street is renamed to become part of the new Jasper Road. From each entrance of the new Jasper Road, there will be a good line of vision into the site and easy access for pedestrians.

An additional, 6,850 retail spaces haven been added into the site. The Woolworths building will remain however another level is added to this building with the supermarket moving to the first floor.

135 on ground parkings are located on the site, existing underground parking and its entrance will remain and an additional level of underground parking is added for a total of 516 underground parking spaces.

By: Xin Yoa Xu, student