Mattisse Bread

Where: 161 Chesterville Rd, Moorabbin
Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-4pm, Sat 8am-1pm
Phone: 9532 6182
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Please note that this business is not located in Moorabbin Junction but a short distance away in the Moorabbin Industrial Area.

There’s nothing quite like the heady smell of freshly baked bread. Perhaps this is why the lunch time crowd flock to Mattisse Bread on weekdays, where the smell of freshly baked loaves and pastry waft out onto Chesterville Rd from the early hours of the morning.

The bakery, which specialises in artisan sourdough bread, is owned by head baker Matti Malchi. Malchi was a professional chef before deciding that his true passion lay in bread-making. He went on to study the art of sourdough making – wherein the bread dough is left to ferment before baking – in San Francisco, before finally settling back to Australia to open Mattisse Bread.

Opening his Moorabbin shop in 2001, Malchi has made the slow food philosophy the central focus of his business. On a day to day basis, this means each loaf is lovingly shaped by hand and allowed to rise slowly over many hours, allowing the yeasts and naturally occurring lactobacilli (good bacteria found in yoghurts and cheeses) to ferment the loaf to give it that distinctive sourdough flavour.

With the help of French baker Arnaud Lailheugue, Mattisse Bread have been producing their delicious artisan loaves not only for the bakery’s adjoining cafe, but also for wholesale distribution to cafes and restaurants all over Melbourne.

Lailheugue grew up on a farm in the Basque region of south-west France, where the slow food philosophy is not a mere fad but has been a way of life for centuries. Starting his baking apprenticeship when he was 16 years old, Lailheugue’s passion for baking has not waned more than 20 years on. These days he takes the reins at Mattisse Bread, making a range of pastries such as the rich croissants and delicious pain au chocolat by hand.

You’re not going to get just any run-of-the-mill multigrain loaf at Mattisse Breads. It’s definitely worth trying some of their more adventurous (though no less delicious) options such as the potato and herb, wild rye, four fruits and nuts or cornbread sourdough loaves.

Aware of the growing need to address food allergies, Malchi has also made a point to use only natural sourdough cultures, free from preservatives, additives and artificial leaveners. The breads are all dairy and egg free and the loaf shelf at the Moorabbin bakery boast an impressive range of gluten-free options. Moreover, coeliacs will be happy know that Mattisse has figured out a way to create gluten-free breads using buckwheat flour that won’t fall apart or crumble on cutting.

Words by Delima Shanti
Photos by  Jesse Thompson