Where: 362 South Road, Moorabbin
Hours: Online 24/7
Web: www.migoals.com
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MiGoals is a lifestyle brand, including design savvy stationery that empowers customers to set goals and complete them.  Adam Jelic and Alec Kach launched the brand in 2010 based on an idea  ‘to design a simple product to help people go from good to awesome’.

Their vision is products that include a minimalist and simple design, that gear to a young and hip crowd. The ethos Jelic and Kach started the brand with is ‘how can we empower people to be better, do better, and go and complete those goals they have set.’

Starting with a small print run of 800 diaries, they started their brand their own way by contacting stores and pitching the product. They sold all of those 800 diaries through one Melbourne store.

They have now evolved to include more products with  96 different parts to their brand including Easter collections, back-to-school collections, small notepads, and ‘bucket list books’.

MiGoals is now  sold throughout 150 online and offline stores, including Mag Nation here in Melbourne, and stores across Australia, New Zealand and the US. They have broken into the overseas markets, and growing their brand every day.

They plan to expand into different markets in the future as the brand grows, including tech, fashion, inspirational workshops, and continuing to grow their international brand from their home in Moorabbin.

Words by Xia Rain Tiligadis, Photos by Mikaela Copland