Moorabbin at Federation Square

See Moorabbin through the eyes of an artist who calls the suburb home. In Moorabbin, an exhibition previously on show at Federation Square’s Atrium as part of the Melbourne Prize for Urban Sculpture, artist and academic Spiros Panigirakis explores what makes this south-eastern suburb unique by providing a space for a wide range of representatives of the local community to represent the everyday experience of Moorabbin’s locals.

“I grew up in Moorabbin and while I’ve moved closer to the city, I still do a fair bit of my practice in parent’s garage in Moorabbin!” the artist describes.

Moorabbin is part of a wider group of installations by six artists shortlisted for the 2014 Melbourne Prize for Urban Sculpture and is in the running to be awarded the Civic Choice Award.

“The work tries to define Moorabbin not just by its landmarks but also by curating everyday things like newsletters on local events and newspaper articles of significant events like the Phillip Morris closure to as far back as cuttings from the turn of the century,” Panigirakis describes.

There are nods to Moorabbin’s architectural landmarks, with replicas to the Bates Smart and LAB Architecture Studio-designed information centre desks from Federation Square showing a map map of Moorabbin instead of the signature Melbourne CBD grid. Interestingly, Bates, Smart and McCutcheon designed the iconic Moorabbin Town Hall, now known as the City of Kingston Arts Centre.

Moorabbin’s younger locals have also chipped in to the installation. Grade 1 students from Moorabbin Primary School have drawn pictures of the school’s beloved therapy dog Angus as well as the newest feline addition of the school. Meanwhile, Grade 5 students contributed with a colourful model of the Moorabbin town centre and main shopping strip using coloured paper ribbons.

“Other components of this project points to Moorabbin’s manufacturing zone,”Panigirakis explains. “I will also be exhibiting the chosen entries from the Street 14 Ideas Competitions over the installation period.”

Moorabbin was showing at Federation Square’s Atrium from 10-24 November 2014. The recipient of the Civic Choice Award 2014 will be announced on 29 November 2014.


By Delima Shanti