Street 14 People’s Choice Award – ‘More +’

WINNER – People’s Choice Award – Trophy

More+ by Tom Harper and Brock Hogan demonstrates how thriving activity centres evolve and prosper when residents have a place to meet, connect and recreate in a comfortable, considered environment. Successful centres no only adequately connect surrounding infrastructure – but also bolster themselves as a significant hub serving a much larger population than a simple street could ever possibly support.

‘More Moorabbin’ proposes to capitalise on the site’s inherent potential, offering residents and visitors a diverse mix of programs to enjoy. The project combines an array of commercial shopping opportunities, cultural attractions, recreational facilities and residential dwellings – strategically articulated through a continuous & extended street surface / circulation network.

This multi purpose, topographical surface serves to open the entire site from the street up, circulating pedestrians from nearby transport services, capitalising on local environmental conditions – in turn providing a fantastic recreation and exercise amenity.

Envisioning the precinct as a singular, unifying strategy rather than a series of separate buildings and adjoining streetscape – ‘More Moorabbin’ lays the foundations for future development towards the East and the South – establishing strong connections and forming a distinctive, exciting community hub.