Moorabbin Junction – a New Urban Ecology

Definition of ‘New Urban Ecology’ is the positive and stable relationship of living organisms with each other and their surroundings in the context of an urban environment.

The design concept creates a Moorabbin hub in terms of commercial, cultural and social activities, which introduces the concept of Urban Ecology including environmental ecology, social ecology and economical ecology, in order to mitigate and adapt the issues currently human confront (extreme weather increase, sea level rising and population increase).

Environmental ecology design addresses on providing as much greenery as possible in all the facade and surface combined with urban agricultural (Moorabbin has a significant history of Market Garden) and Eco-Mimetics water treatment concept (water treatment and recreation interaction). Social ecology addresses on providing a diverse and attractive meeting place to build a social connection. Economic ecology means creating more job opportunities through strong local business network building and bio-products from eco-machine food chain, and more green energy using as well.

By: Hong Yu, student