Welcome to the NIBBA ROOM………Where everything you knew about Moorabbin has been turned inside out.

The supermarket and its ground-level outdoor car park have swapped places. The cars are now on the inside, concealed from view, and the supermarket is on the outside, highly visible, highly accessible, creating a vibrant, buzzing space in the heart of Moorabbin. The entire market is sheltered under a continuous awning of modulated photovoltaic panels, which allow it to harvest both the sun’s energy and the rainwater which falls on its 4,500 square metre surface area.

Direct and unimpeded pedestrian flow connects the market, new retail and residential areas, Moorabbin Railway Station and the major arterial roads of South Road and the Nepean Highway. All new and existing pedestrian areas are DDA-compliant and incorporate WSUD measures such as urban rain gardens to provide storm water treatment and rainwater collection with underground tanks that will service the market space. Street lighting (powered via the market roof photovoltaics) ensures that pedestrian areas are safe and welcoming at night time.

By: Steve Schutt, Hansen