Open Air Retail Park

Moorabbin Junction Open Air Retail Park will create a flexible, reprogrammable space bringing new life and creativity to Moorabbin. Pedestrians and commuters are drawn along intimate laneways and busy arcades to a green retail park surrounded by trees and constructed from reused containers.

This precinct has the potential to be a driver for small businesses and innovation, enabled by the low-cost short term leases available in the retail park. The rise of a new ‘creative class’ culture in Moorabbin will provide opportunities for locally-oriented retail experiences that cannot be replicated online.

The retail park will be organised by a rotating program with opportunities for community events. The open lawn provides a central hub where visitors can relax. Containers will be converted into popup stores for fashion and locally produced goods, cafes and takeaway food.

In this new model of retail, shopping in the park is an interaction with your local community. The park itself becomes part of the retail floorspace, bringing the traditional enclosed mall outdoors into the open air. Reuse and recycling are promoted as containers can be endlessly converted and configured into new options.

The retail park has the ability to respond rapidly to consumer demand as it changes throughout the year. It will draw people to the precinct with seasonal events – becoming a Christmas village in the holidays or hosting a cultural food festival. In addition the retail park will greatly extend the permeable area of the site and offer opportunities for extensive native plantings. Visitors will browse the wares offered amid a scene of natural beauty and serenity. The containers themselves have an endless capacity for customisation and flexibility. Vendors will have the opportunity of renting a pre-converted container or modifying their own.

By: Michael White, student