The focus point of this design work is to use some approaches to reduce the crime rate due to the existing situation. Therefore, according to the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles, there are three ways to promote this condition in an attempt to enhance retailing potential. Free loop form with blurred boundary can provide maximum view line which is a kind of natural surveillance that delivers a message — this site is not a good place to commit a crime.

Meanwhile, the whole form structure embraces the railway station and introduces public transportation into this commercial complex, offering a maximum access to all places. Secondly, the commercial types in here need to change. More and more types are added in, forming a completed 24 hour plan. Under this circumstance, various types will promote commercial development and make this whole site activated within 24 hours. This approach is another sort of natural surveillance and will become the foundation of light strategy which presents a safety image. Finally, light scape will interact with human walking paths, every time their walking path will be highlighted and the gradient light form can provide a sense of direction.

By: Yihan Zhang, student