Shoe Repair Kiosk Artwork

Station Shoe Repair Kiosk has underwent  a dramatic  facelift last year thanks to Kingston Council’s  Street Art Program. This quirky shop-front was included in the initiative as it was often a target of tagging and graffiti, and showed great potential to become an art project.

Headed by artist James Beattie, this mural along with the large-scale artwork in the Kingston carpark, are hidden gems. A whole crew of the local youth helped create this masterpiece, evoking their true artistic abilities.

However the program was not only designed to give youth an outlet of expression, but also to give them a positive role-model like Beattie who is practising his art legally.

Zac, a teen participant, saw Beattie as who he aspired to become “If I keep this up, in 10 years’ time, I would like to be doing what he is doing”.

Victoria Police also support the program and its imaginative outcome. Inspector Bruce Wemyess deemed it a “great opportunity for young people to become involved in a positive space around art”.

With a vintage Moorabbin business receiving its well-deserved unique artwork, there is no doubt artist Beattie and his young team are proud.

“It’s nice to give something back and try to raise the general awareness of the scene, and take that stigma away from spray-paint [which says} that it’s a negative thing”.

Kingston Council would like to thank the young artists who contributed to breathing new life into this old kiosk.

Words & Photos by Mikaela Copland