SmART Hive

The sensory and responsive design ‘SmART Hive,’ is a three-pronged proposal which aims to bring to life the range of passive activities which occur within the Moorabbin Junction site in order to create a 24 hour, living and breathing space.

The design focuses on three Forms of movement and interactivity: dynamic (the varied use of the space over time), operable (silent or contemplative spaces) and portable (motility or flux of space due to interconnectivity) which flow together in order to create an active and connective space for those who visit, engage or rearrange it.

All of the sensory materials (thermo bi-metals, glass, textured flooring and fragrant plants) which feature within the designed ‘artscape’ aim to further highlight the anonymous movements which occur within the urban fabric but are rarely witnessed and often forgotten by the casual passer-by.

By: Alexandra Bell, student