Street 14 Background Information

Once entrants have registered and payment has been received, a link to all the background information will be sent to the main contact on the registration form.  This background information folder can be downloaded as a zip file from the emailed link or from the AILA Dropbox.

The background information package includes detailed written documents on Moorabbin Junction, the site, its context, as well as drawings, photos and additional graphic documents to guide the design process.

The background information package contains the following files:

  1. Aerial Photograph (in .jpeg format)
  2.  Site and Context Map (in .dwg format)
  3.  Cadastre and planning controls (in .pdf format)
  4.  Feature Survey (in .pdf format)
  5.  Site Analysis (in .pdf format)
  6.  Traffic and parking data (in .pdf format)

Additional information will also be available online:

Entrants as well as the public will also have the opportunity to post site photos and useful links on the Moorabbin Junction’s  FacebookInstagram and Twitter pages. Just use and search the #moorabbinjct or #moorabbin.