Street 14 – All Entries


Easy Street by Mark Tyrrell and Dan Sharp – WINNER First Prize

Heat Street video by Alastair Jaffray and Wendy Walls, students – WINNER Best Urban Tactic

Double Garage by Chris Elliot, Kate Dundas, Alan Tran, Danai Fadgyas, Helen Knight and Kristen Wilkes – WINNER Best Urban Tactic

More + by Tom Harper and Brock Hogan – WINNER People’s Choice Award

Untitled by Chelsea McDonald – WINNER Community Prize



Exchange3 by Darren Atkinson, Urbis Pty Ltd

Untitled video by Michael Stitt, student

Untitled by Mark Nelson, student

Event Trailer by Hui Li, student

Three Junctions by Jarrad Newman, student

Untitled by Shimon Rogev, student

Open Air Retail Park by Michael White, student

Interactive Park by Qizhen Zhu, student

Market Gardens by Jake Laidlaw, student

100 Years Moorabbin Junction- Successful Retail: Be Seen, Be Chosen by Jarrod Boyle, student

Taylor Street. A New Retail Hub video by Campbell Morris, MALA Studio

Future Growth by Simon Milsted, student

In Disguise video by Rosalea Monacella, OUTR

The Moorabbin Park by Amy Liu, student

A Place to Rest, A Place to Celebrate by Pratiksha Patil, student

Less is More by Xin Yoa Xu, student

Street cubed3 (video) by Adam Kiekbosh, SMEC Australia

Interactive Moorabbin by Kieran French, student

Collector by Hanqin Zheng, student

Moorabbin Central Park by Lina Bernal

The Unfolding Field by Zita Shunyi Zeng

Untitled by Daniel Hannah, student

Acclivity by Thomas Roberts, student

Assembling Moorabbin by Ayesha Paigan, student

Plug and Play by Chris Axsentieff

Material Moorabbin by Esther Ziebell, student

Two Taylor Streets: One Pedestrian and One Vehicular Underground by Veronica Bosque, student

Moorabbin Junction – a New Urban Ecology by Hong Yu, student

Life Blooming in Moorabbin by Anyi Zhang, student

Liveability Matrix by Charles Nilsen, Nilsen Consulting

Lattice-Scape by Mel Simpson, student

SmART Hive by Alexandra Bell, student

Community Connections by Aaron Holman, student

Untitled by Supun Perera, student

Green Oasis of City of Kingston by Jia Guo, student

Bringing Life Back to Moorabbin by David McGuinness, student

Nebula Plaza by Qingyou Wang, student

Sky Park of Moorabbin by Shan Wu, student

MJ Mall Precinct Concept by Andy Tran, student

Moorabbin Junction Civic Centre by Nadia Stojan, Nadika Design

Climate Calm by YuJia Chen, student

Sensory by Yihan Zhang, student

NIBBA Room by Steve Schutt, Hansen

Flow by Xue Zhang, student

Experiential Moorabbin by Qiuhao Guo, student

City Backyard by Youxin Cai, student

Untitled by Ryan Vu Nguyen, student

Streamer by Quan Han, student

Untitled by Rafi Tahiwal, student