Street 14 Fine Print

Street 14 is to be run in accordance to the AILA Guidelines for Promotion and Conduct of Competitions.

The organisers reserve the right to publish all the projects submitted to them.

AILA and the City of Kingston will retain the submitted digital files for record keeping.  Competitors will retain the intellectual property and their moral rights over the designs submitted in accordance with Australian Copyright and Moral Rights legislation.

Competitors must not make direct contact with Jury Members and should avoid unnecessary communications with the Convener.

The organisers are not liable to pay compensation for any loss or damage.  All material received by the organisers becomes their property, including reproduction rights.  The intellectual property rights in each project remain the exclusive property of the author(s) of the project.

Teams may not publish submissions included in the competition or disclose their names by using their project for any communication before the official announcement of the results. Any such publication may result in exclusion from the Competition.  Upon completion of the Competition, projects are exhibited or published under the names of their author or authors, team leader and associates.

When submitting a video submission, no names or text identifying the entrants is to be used. Video submissions will only be received within the final week of the competition. All videos will remain confidential and be emailed directly to the Competition Convenor.