Untitled by Supun Perera

What is interesting about Moorabbin’s most captured space is its existing relationships. In an attempt to build a design for this area, it is a matter of exposing the relationship of the retail buildings more and articulate the possible connections that will exist in the site. For example, it would be possible to build a mall that will connect with Woolworths and the other existing buildings. Jasper Road is the main element that will control the new urban landscape and with its surroundings with access for pedestrians, drivers and cyclists.

The plaza plays a critical role of interacting with the site with parking found at the underground car park (2 levels). The plaza also will have easy access to the existing (post office and the bakery) retail stores. The plaza will give its benefits to access the rooftop greenspace which will capture the outdoor conditions for both sunshine or shade. The pathways will provide access for pedestrians to all retail and the library and health services.

By: Supun Perera, student