The Healthy Joint

Where: 8/2 Central Avenue, Moorabbin
Hours: Mon & Wed 9am-7pm
Tue closed, Thu 2-pm, Fri 9am-6pm
Fri 9am-12pm. By appointment only.
Phone: 9553 5088
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“It’s like working in a little country town – everyone knows everyone”.

Dr Sarah Elston brings a relaxed vibe to the chiropractic practise The Healthy Joint in Moorabbin. With calming green hues, the interior sports a kid’s corner, herb garden and patient’s favourite music playing throughout. Thanks to a tailored personalised view that caters to the individual’s needs and steers from the strictly clinical side of healthcare, the last seven years have been a blast for Dr Elston who says that it’s almost “too fun to be a job”. The Healthy Joint’s cool colourful interior, including the green ceiling, an edgy tonal addition motivated by the fact that patients spend most of their time looking at the roof, take the practise further and further away from the strictly clinical white walls of other healthcare practises, and closer towards an inviting, community-driven, friendly place.

The kid’s corner is a nice addition to the practice, bringing a comfort to the parents who come through the doors by keeping young ones busy while they  receive treatment. Dr Elston promises a sticker and a position pegged up on the wall for the children’s drawings, just another aspect of this business which creates a warm, relaxed environment for everyone.

Dr Elston had worked in Moorabbin for a few years before rebranding and starting The Healthy Joint, and through the years has seen development and growth foster an edgier, unique vibe to the suburb, almost a Brunswick-esque community of familiarity and cool.

Moorabbin reflects this close-knit, yet approachable vibe in every nook, it’s a suburb looking ahead, to a lifestyle of good health and good times, and The Healthy Joint embodies this.

Words & Photos by Murphy Wood