The Moorabbin Park

Inspired by the spider web, The Moorabbin Park is designed as a multi-functional urban landscape to connect the surroundings and attract people to come and stay thus enhance retailing and well-being by creating a pathway net and varying the topography.

The primary grid of the park will be raised to the existing roads and pathways, facilitating access from surrounding streets, fusing existing and proposed retailing, nature and culture into a rich tapestry.

The massive green surfaces, with approximately 5 degree slopes will act as green roves or slopes towards downstairs, providing an open space for cafes, outdoor activities, picnics and Sunday markets.

The forum underneath can seat people for shows and festivals in different weathers throughout the seasons.

All vehicles and car parks will be removed to underground level to keep Taylor Street two-way accessible and increase efficiency, reduce conflicts with pedestrians and avoid potential traffic jams.

By: Amy Liu, student