The Street 14 Brief

Street 14 Brief

The objective of this brief is to encourage creativity of entries that is directed towards a vibrant, beautiful, sustainable and regenerative public place.

  1. NOT-NEGOTIABLE: What must be included by entries and assessed by the Jurors?


  • Reconfigure Taylor Street to connect with Jasper Road and create a new retail street (or streets, laneways, overpasses, underpasses, whatever you like) in any alignment that addresses the future changes of a public street.

  • 24 hour Disability Discrimination Act (DDA)-compliant public access along what will be known as Taylor Street between South Road and Central Avenue.

This may not necessarily be completely open-air nor not necessarily at ground level but if so must interface in with traditional open air ground level streets in a manner that provides 24 hour DDA-compliant connections.

  •  Vehicles and pedestrians / cyclists may or may not share the same space but access needs to be provided for all.
  •  This connection between South Road and Central Avenue does not necessarily need to follow the alignment of Taylor Street and the new South Road intersection from Jasper Road, but the intent of the connection must be followed.
  •  Private vehicles must be able to access Central Avenue from the new Jasper Road / South Road intersection however this link does not necessarily need to be by the most direct route or entirely at-grade.


  • Minimum 7,000 square metres of Gross Floor Area (GFA) single level retail trading with DDA-compliant access to Taylor Street for the Site Area. Additional floor area and a mix of uses may be considered in line with the provisions of the Activity Centre Zone Schedule 3 (draft).
  •  Retention of the nominated existing buildings fronting South Road and at the southern end of Taylor Street (as shown in ‘The Brief’ diagram’) totalling 3,945 square metres and the existing supermarket building.
  •  Retention and extension of the existing supermarket building to achieve a large scale supermarket of approximately  4,500 square metres building, plus an additional 200 square metres tenancy adjacent to the supermarket. Existing loading dock to be utilised.
  •  New building footprints in any configuration within the Site Area, totalling an additional 7,000 square metres, which includes the additional 1,250 square metres for the supermarket, and is replacing existing buildings nominated as key development sites (as shown in ‘The Brief’ diagram)


  • The existing supermarket  basement car spaces must remain, the existing 214 at-grade car spaces can be relocated elsewhere within the Site Area, provided that convenient access is still provided in close proximity to the entrance of the supermarket. Additional to the existing, car spaces  in line with the additional retail floor space, must be provided somewhere within the Site Area – at a ratio of 4.5 car parks / 100 square metres or a minimum 315 car spaces.
  • A minimum of 150 car spaces must be provided at-grade somewhere within the Site Area, provided that convenient access is still provided to close proximity to the entrance of the supermarket . The remaining car spaces can be provided in basement or multi-deck car parking, however this car parking needs to be shown in the proposal. 
  1. ON THE TABLE: What may be included by the entries and assessed by the Jurors?
  1. OFF THE TABLE: What will not be included by the entries nor assessed by the Jurors?
  •  Built form – Architectural form or merits of the scheme will not be considered i.e façade treatments, finishes, fenestration, etc. Entries may show the type, height and size of buildings, and their relationships to the streetscape, but the form and aesthetics of the architecture will not be considered.