Street 14 The Challenge

  • An urban street is public, democratic, open 24 hours and four-dimensional.
  • A great street is where the edges of public and private overlap to make dynamic and democratic spaces.
  • A main street is the heart and soul of the local neighbourhood and reflects the character of its people.

Traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ retailing is going through a time of change and needing to adjust to the upcoming information age, needing to provide better unique experience which cannot be experienced online. The Street 14 Ideas Competition seeks to explore what will the new retail main street of tomorrow feel like?

Moorabbin Junction is a place with deep roots in the soul of Melbourne, and is on the cusp of major changes. By reconfiguring Taylor Street’s alignment, scale and design, by considering regenerative approaches and applying green infrastructure, how will it become a thriving pedestrian friendly retail street in the heart of Moorabbin Junction?