Street 14 The Site

The Site - Street 14 Moorabbin Junction

The Site Area for Street 14 is centered on Taylor Street within Moorabbin Junction between South Road and Central Avenue.  The Site includes a section of Central Avenue and also the private landholdings to the west and east of Taylor Street.

Moorabbin Station, Kingston Arts Centre and Kingston City Hall lie to the west of the Site, while Moorabbin Reserve and Holmesglen TAFE are to the east.  A Post Office is located at the south end of Taylor Street and the second busiest Woolworths supermarket in Victoria is located to the east.

The Site and its surroundings is undergoing transformation led by the City of Kingston – refer to the City of Kingston’s Moorabbin Junction Urban Renewal Strategy for detail.  The Moorabbin Activity Centre Structure Plan has identified this precinct as key area for re-development.