The Unfolding Field

The ‘Unfolding Field’ is a shopping centre in Moorabbin Junction. The design purpose is to create a public space which includes retail, gallery, an information centre, playground, cycling track and a beautiful landscape.

As the existing in-site buildings are totally separate and with no relationship to each other, connectivity will be significantly considered during redesign. To be more useful, the Woolworths building will be rebuilt with 3 more stories, one of which can be used as public parking. The other 2 buildings will be rebuilt higher for more retail opportunity.

In perspective, the Unfolding Field will become a renewed place with very good connections, not only in the site, but will also cover the area close by. It will attract the residents to join; it will offer a wonderful cool cycling track for riders; it will also benefit the residents to be able to reach the railway station and shopping centre.

By: Zita Shunyi Zeng