What and why

Moorabbin Junction is changing.

For many years, the potential of Moorabbin Junction has remained largely unrealised, but things are starting to change: major multi-storey developments are going up near the train station, creative industries are beginning to blossom, public transport is being upgraded and new businesses are coming to the area.

The Moorabbin Junction Urban Renewal Strategy is an important initiative being delivered by the City of Kingston, to guide change in the centre and work towards the community vision that is outlined in the Moorabbin Activity Centre Structure Plan.

We see the potential for an extra 1,600 new dwellings in Moorabbin Junction. Located about 20 minutes from the city, with a train station, bus interchange and enabling height limits for development, the area is perfectly positioned for new apartments, offices and shops.

The area is home to the Kingston Arts precinct, which together with its gallery, performance spaces and the City Hall, is an arts area of regional significance. The Urban Renewal Strategy seeks to link the arts precinct with the core of the centre by encouraging arts and lifestyle uses along Station Street which includes cafes, restaurants, bars, bookshops, art galleries and the like.

There is also a focus on building a retail core along Taylor Street. The demand for retail shops is set to increase as the population grows and there is a need for more services for the significant daytime population of office workers.

Realising the full potential of the area will take some time, with lots of moving parts, this website is intended to capture the change of time.

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