Wheelly Good Coffee

Where: Ground Floor, 1001 Nepean Hwy, Moorabbin (Amity Property Development Showroom)
Hours: Mon-Fri 10am-1pm
0409 501 827

Established in June 2013, Wheelly Good Coffee is a social enterprise that assists young people from the ages of 15 to 25 develop skills to find employment in the hospitality industry. It is a compact cart, with an espresso machine, working as a not-for-profit business that sells coffee while it trains students.

Run under the mentorship of Andrea Bashfield from the neighbouring Moorabbin Youth Connect offices, students can attend a variety of workshops that run for up to six weeks and graduate with newly attained hospitality skills. Courses available include the complete six-week Wheelly Good Coffee program, a barista workshop and a barista boot camp. The complete program offers four accredited units, which students can transfer into Certificate II and III if they decide to pursue a course at higher education level.

Bashfield emphasises that her courses are integral in helping her students gain the confidence to enter the workforce smoothly and easily re-engage with society. The community-centred ethos of Wheelly Good Coffee means that students can feel comfortable and avoid the initial high-pressure situations of working in entry-level hospitality. The customers who regularly support the cart are relaxed and love to come in to chat with the kids over a flat white or a chai.

The cart itself is located in the Amity Property Development building on the Nepean Highway and offers a range of services to office workers in the area including coffee delivery and conference coffee catering. They have the opportunity to provide a venue for meetings thanks to the Amity staff. There is hope to take the cart travelling around Moorabbin once the necessary means for mobility are available. 

Words by Rachel Short 
Photos by  Brook James